Sanitizer Liquid Gel HALAL

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Sanitizer Liquid Gel  HALAL Hand Soap,  Hand Sanitizer, Hand Dryer, Paper Towel, Bathroom Tissue Hygiene

Product details of 1000ml Halal Certified Alco-Gel Hand Sanitizer for Kids and Sensitive Skin

  • Alcoholic Hand-Rub Disinfectant
  • Quick, Essential & Easy to use
  • Essential for Hospitals, Washrooms, Gyms, Hotel, School, Office, Home, etc...

Alco-Gel Hand Sanitizer (Halal Certified)
- Contain only 60% ethanol
* 60% alcohol concentrated hand sanitizer is working as good as 70% concentration
* good enough to kill up to 99.9% germs
* more gentle to skin and safer to kids
* evaporation rate is slower than 70% alcohol concentrated, so the kids have more time to rub their hand evenly
* higher alcohol concentration may cause skin irritation, increased UV sensitivity, eye irritation, vomiting,
stomach pain and flammable

- It also contains humectant agents, therefore it would not destroy the natural oil on skin as most of the hand gels do.
- Contain emollient to moisturize skin.
- Quick, essential and easy to use

Direction :
Apply small amount to dry hand and rub over both hands covering well. Allow hands to air dry

 Halal Certified Alco-Gel Hand Sanitizer for Kids and Sensitive Skin

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