Apron Disposable 100 pcs /pack

Long Sleeve Gown Isolation Plastic


Hair Cover Net White / Blue

One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner With AHP, 32 Oz. Bottle

Diversey Hand Sanitizer Halal

SKY GEL Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Dettol Antiseptic Germicide Liquid 50ml / 2 litre

Face Mask , Hair Net Disposable

Tie-On Face Mask

Disposable Shoe Cover

Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser

Industrial Roll Tisu 2 roll / box

Wiper Industrial Tisu Cloth Mfg Rag

Wipe ALL Tisu Oil Absorb

Heavy-Duty WipeALL RED Food Beverage Industries

Marker Pen Permanent Ink Detectable

Earplug Corded Metal Detectable

PAIL Stainless-Steel 8 Litre/ 12 L / 20 L

Hand Trolley Stainless Steel

Safety Cutter Foodsafe NSF certified

Food Safe Cutter - NSF Certified

Bag Cutter Foodsafe NSF certified

Vikan Hand Brush 10 inch

Wash Sink Stainless Steel

Container Glove / Hair Net

Whisk Brush with small dustpan

Mop Pail w/ cover

Diversey Surface Disinfectant Cleaner Halal

Diversey Disinfectant Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal and Virucidal

Diversey Surface Sanitizer NO-RINSE Halal

Diversey Suma Extend D3 Alu-safe Degreaser Halal

Glove Disposable Blue / White 100pcs /200pcs

PM2.5 KN95 Dust Mask

Respirator N95 Honeywell

Thermometer Non-Contact Forehead

Stretcher Single / Double Fold

Spill Kit Chemical 120 litre

Emergency Eyewash Station 2 bottle

Emergency Eyewash Portable

Floor Tape - Yellow / Black

Floor Tape Anti-Skid

Floor Sign Label - Caution / Step

Shoe Cover Disposable

Smoker Ashtray Bin Floor Mounted

Smoker Bin CEASE-FIRE flame-retardant

Bin Pedal Stainless Steel

Disposal Waste Bag Color

Cable Hose Hump Rubber 5 channel 800mm (L)

Cable Hose Hump Rubber - 2 channel 800mm (L)

Emergency Right Arrow Photoluminus Glow-Dark

Emergency Exit Arrow Photoluminus Glow-Dark

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